Terms of Service

We collect only the data you provide to operate our site and tailor it to users’ needs. We appreciate your business and work hard to protect your privacy.

Data We Collect

When you create an account, we require your name, email, phone number—and nothing more. We use analytics software to study aggregated traffic data and no health details are stored.

We gather some standard technical website visitor data via cookies to improve site functionality. Information like IP addresses and browser types does not identify you personally.

How We Use Your Data

The contact details you supply allow us to reach you about orders and manage your account. Analytics data helps us enhance site speed and arrange pages more logically. We do not sell or share your personal info with third parties.

Protect your privacy - trust us with your data.

Your Rights

You can access all data we retain and edit details or close your account anytime. Just contact us online or call. If inaccurate account info impacts your service, let us know so we can fix it.

We aim for complete transparency about what info we gather and why. You deserve fret-free, quality care. Our whole purpose is helping clients restore hormonal balance safely.


SSL encryption and limited employee access defend your data. We diligently apply latest privacy best practices like routine system scans. Not even staff can retrieve your full credit card number.

In the rare case of a breach attempt, our safeguards isolate threats quickly. We would notify any affected users ASAP with guidance to prevent personal loss.

Contacting Us

Got questions? Concerns? Please reach out online or call us at any time. We regard open communication with clients as vital for building trust.

Protect your privacy and contact us today.


If we ever need to alter these terms, we will inform you via email before any new policy takes effect. You can opt out of emails from us in your account settings.

We would only ever tweak policies to refine site functionality—never to collect more data without your okay. You can access past versions online for comparison anytime.


Cookies help us customize your browsing experience. Most track logged-in status or keep site preferences like text size.

Disabling cookies may interfere with functionality. Our privacy notice explains cookie categories and management options.

You may enable or delete any varieties except strictly necessary cookies for site operation. Those remain active until you close your browser.

Site Features

We want every client to enjoy access to community discussions, specialist recommendations, order tracking, and more.

Let us know if any tools fail to launch reliably for you. Our IT team works tirelessly behind the scenes to enable flawless performance across devices.

Child Privacy

Anyone under 18 cannot buy products without parental approval. Kids should access our site only with guidance.

Our Promise

Vitality Hormone Wellness aims to balance hormones naturally for trans clients. We greatly value your business and trust. Reach out anytime with questions or concerns about our policies or your care.

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